Regional Waterproofing | Our Reputation
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Make sure you choose the right Waterproofing Company.

Complete the following checks to protect yourself:


Check the legitimacy and qualifications of any contractor

See us on CHCH TV: A large majority of our work is the result of mistakes made by other contractors and to correct their poorly executed workmanship. Many of these contractors’ warranties turned out to be worthless, either because the contractor would not honour their warranty OR because they had gone out of business OR because they had changed their company name.


Expertise and Warranties:

Most contractors solve the problem with a temporary band-aid approach. You want to get to the root of the problem; otherwise, the water problem will return and your investment will go down the drain! Our goal is to find a PERMANENT SOLUTION, which ensures that your property’s value is restored. Did you know that if you sell your home, you MUST disclose any water problems you have. If you do NOT, you are 100% responsible for the new owner’s repairs. Our WARRANTY is transferable by sale to a new home owner and is good for 30 years.


Reference Checks, Licenses, Work Permits, Insurance:

To check the background of the company, the owner or to see if they have changed their company’s name:

  • Call the Southern Ontario BBB at 1 (800) 459-8875 or visit them on the web at
  • Call the Canadian Businesses & Charities Bureau (CBCB) at 1 (800) 250-6119
    Halton: (905) 634-1234
    Niagara: (905) 685-5270
    Brantford: (519) 756-7121 or visit them on the web at:


For Licenses and Permits:

Call the City’s Building Department, by referencing BOTH the owner’s name to verify whether the contractor has taken out past permits and to validate their legitimacy.
St Catharines call: 905-688-5600 ext. 2
City of Thorold: 905-227-6613
Niagara Falls: 905-356-7521



Call Workers Compensation (WSIB) to ensure that their employees cannot sue you directly in the case of an injury or accident. Request a WSIB Clearance Certificate to protect yourself.


As members of the Better Business Bureau, we pledge to uphold this code. Each of our employees takes personal responsibility to adhere to these principles.